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Welcome to Aero Allergen Research, LLC

About Aero Allergen Research, LLC

Aero Allergen Research was founded by Dr. Mark Sneller in 1979. Located in Tucson, Arizona, the company focuses on just that, aero allergens and how best to eliminate them from your home, office, or any indoor environment.

Aero Allergen Research can quickly identify the mold due to Dr. Sneller’s expertise. He is a pollen, mold, and enumeration expert certified by the National American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.  Dr. Sneller has earned his stripes when it comes to allergen elimination; he has twice won the Clean Air Government award from the Arizona Lung Association for contributing to better respiratory health of people in the state, and he and his team at Aero Allergen Research are committed to improving your respiratory health and researching cutting edge ways to deal with problems that result from mold and mold removal, and other indoor contaminants.

A fully formed mold infestation can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property due to the fact that entire walls need to be stripped and taken down so that anti-fungal treatments can be applied. Not only can it be expensive, but can also cause an increase in stress and inconvenience in addition to potential health issues. Treating mold frequently means families need to live elsewhere while repairs are being conducted. Aero Allergen Research is dedicated to educating the consumer about inspecting their own home for water damage.

Along with dealing with mold removal and identification, Aero Allergen Research also works on a number of other common issues that can affect households. The team at Aero Allergen Research is also skilled in directing concerned citizens toward reputable companies that will assist with cost estimates, repairs, and mold removal. They are also skilled at the all-important task of clearance testing.  Aero Allergen Reasearch is also an expert in making sure that your home is a healthy environment that is also fully functioning. Aero Allergen Research has proven multiple times to be on the leading edge in the fight against mold and unhealthy aero allergens in your home. You can trust Aero Allergen Research and the team working there to return your home to a healthy state so you can leave your worries behind and focus on what’s important in your life.


Important Note: While many people are becoming more sensitive to allergens, many home buyers are requesting mold testing as part of their inspections. Addressing these problems before they become larger issues can  help to ensure a speedy sale of your home with less potential for personal losses including lost time down the road. 

As an independent company we eliminate any all-too-common conflict of interest issues that might arise when the same company does the testing, the reporting, and the repairs. 

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